Sights worth seeing

The cultural and landscape highlights of the region

The town of Bernkastel-Kues offers numerous attractions and things to do. The old quarter, with its half-timbered houses and medieval ambience, is worth a visit in itself. On the Marktplatz, the renaissance Rathaus and the seventeenth century Michaelsbrunnen fountain attest to times gone by. To find out more about the town and its history, visit the Heimatmuseum at the Graacher Tor gate. Don't miss the unique, 200 year old Spitzhäuschen, or pointed cottage, in the old quarter.

On the Kues side of town, the 650-year-old Cusanusstift, or St. Nikolaus Hospital, and the Kloster Machern, a former convent building near the Zeltinge Brücke bridge, are also worth a visit. And high above the town itself, the ancient Burg Landshut castle offers spectacular views and guided tours.

Beyond Bernkastel-Kues, be sure not to miss a visit to Germany's oldest city, the Roman city of Trier, where ancient ruins such as the Porta Nigra and Kaiserthermen baths bear witness to the former might of the Holy Roman Empire. And of course the Mosel's famous WeinKulturLandschaft, or winegrowing country, with its traditional vineyards and beautiful river views, is in itself ample justification for coming here.