Mosel Eifel Hunsrück

A region of contrasts

The Mosel Eifel Hunsrück region contains three separate areas side by side that could scarcely be more different.

The Mosel region is famous throughout the world for its steeply sloped vineyards. This unique traditional winemaking country – or WeinKulturLandschaft – is a magnet for tourists and wine buffs alike, who do not just come for the obvious attraction, but for the history and culture of the region as a whole.

And then there is the extraordinary Eifel landscape, with its extinct volcanoes, shallow crater lakes, plunging valleys and wild nature parks. What a contrast to the winegrowing region!
Typical of the mid-range mountains of the Hunsrück are the forests, such as the aptly named Hochwald, covering its ridges and slopes. But you'll also find fairy-tale streams and brooks and acres of agricultural land. 
The landscape of Mosel Eifel Hunsrück is constantly changing and evolving. And what better base for exploring it than the town of Bernkastel-Kues?

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